Buying or Selling Property in Illinois?

Call Brabec Law Offices of Homewood for your real estate transaction

Buying and selling real estate is a legal transaction. You need an advocate on your side to draft documents and offer legal advice. For your real estate transaction in the Homewood area, contact Brabec Law Offices. We offer legal services to help minimize risks associated with your real estate transaction. Call a trusted and hardworking attorney for your legal needs today.

Get the assistance you need from a qualified attorney

Get the assistance you need from a qualified attorney

Thomas Brabec of Brabec Law Offices has practiced law for over 35 years. If you’re buying or selling real estate in Homewood, call for assistance. We can:

  • Draft legal documents
  • Review contracts
  • Arrange property inspections
  • Attend closing 
  • Oversee title transfers
  • Clear title exceptions
  • Negotiate property repairs

A real estate attorney can only help with certain aspects of the transaction. If you want someone on your side for legal advice and assistance, contact Brabec Law Offices at 708-960-0580.